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Stretching Videos

These stretches are meant to help you with extending the benefit of massage, by providing more work to the troubled areas your therapist found and worked on. Regular stretching may help retrain the muscle memory so when you come in for your follow-up massage treatments you feel better longer.

Remember, you don’t want to stretch cold muscles, so do some type of warming exercise before you begin. This could be a five minute walk, or just chasing your dog around the house for a few minutes. (Or your child.)

These stretches are an active form of stretching, but you do not want to stretch to a point of pain. Pain makes the muscles tighten up, so only stretch to where you can feel the stretch begin to happen. Once you are there, you can add some resistance and then go deeper into the stretch. Hold each stretch for approximately 20 seconds, apply a bit of resistance, then hold the stretch again for another 20 seconds. If you have time, do this more than once!

We hope these videos help you and we look forward to helping you feel great! See you at your next massage! The Relax! Team