Massage Therapy & Skin Care

Therapeutic Massage

theraputicThis massage focuses on specific problems that need attention. If you have a backache, shoulder pain, neck and headaches, or another problem area, therapeutic massage may be the answer. Using a combination of therapeutic techniques, we will help give you the relief you seek. Often one to two treatments can solve the problem, but severe or chronic aches may take longer. The goal is to get you well as quickly as possible so you can then enjoy regular “feel-good” massages, and most importantly, life without pain.

  • ½ Hour $50.00
  • 1 Hour $85.00
  • 1 ½ Hour $115.00

Buy 5 at one time, receive $5.00 off of each hour or more massage!
Buy 10 at one time, receive $10.00 off each hour or more massage!
“I was suffering from tension headaches and dizziness and the doctors couldn’t diagnose the problem. After my first massage with Gretchen, the symptoms subsided and now, after regular massage treatments, they’re almost gone!” – Jennifer Springer “Dr. Moffett, D.O.M, referred me to Relax! Massage Therapy. Computer mouse overuse and bad ergonomics at work had provoked agonizing pain in my right shoulder and arm. Although the therapeutic massage wasn’t exactly fun, Gretchen knew what she was doing and I felt a difference after the first treatment. I received six treatments, each within 3-4 days of the next, and by the last one I was pain-free. I have been pain-free ever since, and now I receive regular bodywork for the pleasure, not the pain!” – Julian M.