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Thai Table Massage

thai“Nuat phaen boran” which accurately translates as ancient massage and traditional massage is also known now as Thai massage. Here at Relax! Massage Therapy we offer a variation of traditional Thai massage known as Table Thai. Rather than lying on a mat on the floor, you are on a massage table and the therapist applies the Thai massage techniques on the table.
Thai massage is not the same as Swedish massage. The receiver wears loose fitting clothing and the therapist uses hands and arms to apply firm, rhythmic pressure along “sen” lines (energy lines that traverse the body, similar to the channels that are recognized in Chinese Medicine). There are a number of different postures and stretches that you are taken through also.
This style of massage is great for anyone with a lot of tension in the body who needs to be stretched and massaged. See our video below for a short demonstration of Table Thai.

$55 for half hour

$95 for an hour

$125 for 90 minutes