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Hello, hello! My name is Stephanie and I’m a massage therapist here at Relax! Massage Therapy. I’ve been a member of this team since April 2017, but have been a licensed therapist since 2013. I recently attended a continuing education workshop in Charlotte, NC to learn two new ways to help my clients: fire cupping

Healing With Heat

*–*–* **************************************************************************************** The highly anticipated Sequel to the Blog Post, “An Insider’s Viewpoint and Point of View” When I started this job, I had received and loved massage, but I was new to acupuncture. I am afraid of needles (My friends all snickered when I told them where I worked!). I used to black out,

“Ahh! Needles!” The Highly Anticipated Sequel to, “An Insider’s Viewpoint and Point of View,” Blog Post

“Gah! I’ve had this incessant ache in my neck for months, now, and nothing I try makes it any better. What should I do now?” Does this seem like a question you, or someone you know has asked with increasing frequency over the last several months? Despite the fact that it is the one of

Kick Chronic Pain to the Curb!

After being in the business of massage Wilmington NC for 10 years, I have all the tools of the trade; heat packs, Thumper (professional mechanical massager), Biofreeze and Chinagel, head support pillows, warm massage table, Theracane, (self-massaging tool), aromatherapy oils for any type of problem, massage oils and lotions… name it , I have it.

Take Good Care of Yourself With a Massage!

Do you have signs of “Mouse” Shoulder? I’ve coined the term “mouse shoulder” due to the frequency I see people come in with unexplained shoulder pain. They didn’t fall, they didn’t “do” anything, but they have a lot of pain in the shoulder, usually the right one, that they don’t understand, often from overuse of

Is your shoulder pain from “Mouse” shoulder?