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Relax! offers our very own “How-To” pregnancy massage DVD

In this guided DVD, professional massage therapist Gretchen Rivas will teach you safe, gentle and quick massage techniques that can ease painful pregnancy trouble spots.

Divided into short video chapters of 5-10 minutes each, this easy-to-follow instructional guide will show you how you can safely relieve the normal discomforts of pregnancy. Whether you decide to try just a few minutes of massage for your back or a full all-over-body massage, you’ll be amazed at the benefits for both mom and baby.

We are proud to announce that 50% of the proceeds from your purchase will be donated to the Lower Cape Fear Diaper Bank to help support babies and families in OUR COMMUNITY who struggle to afford diapers for their children.

Come by the office to claim your DVD for yourself or a gift for someone you love!


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Find out more about this important organization at Lower Cape Fear Diaper Bank

1 in 3 families cant afford diapers



You can also find our “How to Massage Your Pregnant Partner” DVD at these locations:


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