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*–*–* **************************************************************************************** The highly anticipated Sequel to the Blog Post, “An Insider’s Viewpoint and Point of View” When I started this job, I had received and loved massage, but I was new to acupuncture. I am afraid of needles (My friends all snickered when I told them where I worked!). I used to black out,

“Ahh! Needles!” The Highly Anticipated Sequel to, “An Insider’s Viewpoint and Point of View,” Blog Post

Locked in a massage room and can’t get out? Blinds fall off the window? Lobby chairs falling apart? Computers, cell or office phones, headsets, Ipods, hot towel cubbies need fixing or installing? Paperwork need to be sorted and filed? Pictures need to be hung and displays need to be set up? Phone calls, faxes, problem

An Insider’s Viewpoint & Point of View

Shelley Lancaster is one of our hardest working therapists and if anyone deserves to win Best of…it is she. Shelley began working with Relax! Massage Therapy a few years ago and when she first began, she had a few clients that knew her and loved her, but that quickly changed to MANY clients loving and

Shelley Lancaster Wins Best Massage Again!

We are getting into the swing of Spring and some of the craziness that comes with March and basketball here in the South. During the month of March, when you come into Relax! Massage Therapy to get a massage, tell us who your favorite team is, or who you think will win the championship, and

March Madness Has Come to Relax!

Valentine’s Day. . .it’s the holiday some love to love and some love to hate.  It all depends on where you are in your life.  What once was a holiday about love has become so commercialized, the message has lost its meaning.  People in a relationship are pressured to do something and people not in

Valentine’s Day Is Not Just For Couples

“Gah! I’ve had this incessant ache in my neck for months, now, and nothing I try makes it any better. What should I do now?” Does this seem like a question you, or someone you know has asked with increasing frequency over the last several months? Despite the fact that it is the one of

Kick Chronic Pain to the Curb!